How do you schedule a meeting with a client ?

Sometimes scheduling meetings with clients can be hectic. Even a little messy. Here’s how you can bypass all of these messy and unnecessary steps. There are so many important things when it comes to scheduling meetings with clients. You have to be professional and accurate and also efficient and productive. Because if you fail to reach any of these parameters you will also fail as a brand as well as a professional.

How do you schedule a meeting with a client?

Identify Purpose and Agenda

The very first step is identifying the purpose of your meeting and preparing the agenda for it. Like, what is going to be your most prioritized topic? What are you going to talk about after that?  

Making an agenda and having your purpose defined before you schedule the meeting is really important because it makes you look more professional and guess what? That’s great for you in the future. 

Know Your Client’s Availability

The second step is checking your client’s availability. So try being a little flexible because this is your client. Be polite and flexible. Try to be a little assertive here. Discuss time with them and see which times they are most comfortable with. Flex your confidence but don’t be harsh or too bossy and adamant. Offer a few potential time slots for the meeting. Be mindful of different time zones though. Proving a range of options is much better and also increases the likelihood of landing a meeting as well as a comfy time slot for both parties. 

Use a Scheduling Platform

These days, almost all the meetings are held online. That’s convenient and productive. So for an online meeting, don’t use old school methods. Be a smartie and use a scheduling platform. That’s a genius move, let me tell you right now. Even for a physical “everyone in a meeting room” kind of meeting too. Use the new technology and new tools to make your professional life better. Introduce these scheduling platforms to your clients too. We’d recommend a platform like Cita because it’s like “just out of the oven” sort of fresh.

Choose Communication Channel

Choose the communication channel. Please choose the channel your client is comfortable in. Don’t force them to use something they are not comfortable in if there are other options to go with. 

Craft a Polite and Clear Email

If you use an online scheduling platform like Cita, you can skip this step. Because, when you schedule a meeting using Cita, the confirmation reminders will be sent out to all the parties who participate in the meeting. 

Follow Up Promptly

Again if you use a scheduling platform like Cita, you can skip this step too.This is why keeping up with the latest technology is important. Cita gives out follow reminders to both parties that will be joining the meeting. 

Prepare for the Meeting

The next important step is preparation. Go to the meeting all prepared. Do your homework, your research, your practice and anything else you think might help. Prepare for the meeting well. Attending a meeting unprepared can damage your reputation as a professional and as a brand. We don’t need that, now do we ?

Attend the Meeting Punctually

Be punctual. Don’t be late. Don’t be too early too. Just be on time. 

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