Why Cita ?

If you hit the search bar with “online scheduling platforms”, I bet you’ll get at least a hundred of platforms. You can choose any one of them. It’s totally your choice. We’re not trying to push anything down your throat. But we are trying to bring some light on to some important and interesting facts that you might miss out on otherwise. 

The best online appointment scheduling platform

Who is Cita ?

Cita is “fresh out of the oven”

Cita is a newly launched product. It’s technologically advanced, hence it is more accurate which makes Cita a reliable and trustworthy online scheduling platform. The next question is, why choose a new product? Because it’s simply better and the features in new online scheduling platforms are mind blowing. They can make your life so much easier. Plus they function really well. 

Now you can bring a worthy argument here. The products that have been in the market for a long time have earned the trust of their clients, therefore these oldies are more trustworthy.  Well, paper planners have been in the market the longest but you don’t go with them anymore, do you ? 

Cita is user-friendly 

Among all of the online scheduling platforms there are in the market, how many of them are use-friendly ? I can say “well almost everyone of them are” but that is simply not the truth. Most of them are too hard to follow or to understand. Some of them even require a bit of coding knowledge to work with. Some of them look really friendly, but they are just as confusing as a messed ball of threads. 

Cita is different. It’s easy. It’s friendly. Few clicks, you are all set up for the most productive era of your career and your brand. It’s that easy. Sign up with Cita, you’ll understand right away. 

Cita has the essential features 

Now, what are the “must have” features in an online scheduling platform ? There are some important ones. 

Website Integration – This is Cita’s most exclusive feature. Easy website integration is an essential feature you never knew you needed. But that single feature single handedly can upgrade the game for you and your brand.  Just imagine. If you have a call booking link integrated to your website, your clients who visit your website can directly book a meeting, call or an appointment with you. You will never miss a potential client ever again. 

How to integrate a Cita link to your website ?

Email Signature – Email signature integration is another game changing feature. This feature allows your clients to instantly connect with you. Let’s say you are launching an email marketing campaign. If you integrate a link to your email signature, your potential client can book an appointment with you right away. They don’t have to send you an email and wait to get a meeting with you. 

How to integrate a Cita link to your Email signature ?

Online payment – Why would you need an online payment module in your online scheduling platform? There are so many reasons why but I’ll point out the most important ones.This is specially useful for professionals who provide services on hourly basis. Your clients can pay you an advance first and secure your time slot. So if they don’t show up you still get the value of your time. But most of the time people tend not to miss appointments they already paid for. 

Why should attorneys have an online payment module in their online scheduling platform ?

Calendar support – Most of the individual professionals, freelancers and companies too use online calendar systems like Google calendars and Outlook calendars. Cita supports almost every calendar system out there, which makes your life so much easier. Cita helps you efficiently navigate your time. 

Follow-up reminders – Sometimes, you might have to remind your client or the other participants about the meeting to come. Sometimes, somebody else may have to remind you. It is understandable.  Human brain can’t keep track of everything. Some things might slip your memory and it’s alright but it does not support your career or your brand in a good way. Cita has made sure that  you never miss an appointment or a meeting. Cita gives you timely follow up reminders. In fact, both parties receive timely follow-up reminders with Cita. Therefore, both you and your client don’t miss the appointment and also both of you can prepare for the meeting. Convenient. Right ?

Easy rescheduling and canceling –  How hard is it to reschedule a meeting? You have to exchange half a million emails and phone calls to find another convenient time slot and another half a million of emails and calls to confirm the meeting. This unnecessarily long process can take days sometimes.  If you use Cita, your client can easily reschedule a meeting. Because all of your available slots are there in your booking page, and they can select a time slot that they are comfortable in and schedule the meeting. Canceling a meeting is easy with a few clicks. That’s all. Once you or your client cancel a meeting both of you get a notification. Same with the rescheduling. 

Customization –  You can customize your booking page and embed the authenticity of your brand to your Cita booking page. Cita allows you to make the platform one of your own. 

How would Cita transform you to the next level ?

Cita is not just a solution. It’s a new lifestyle. A tool that has been designed just to make your life easier and smoother. Your bustling busy workday needs a little organizing. Cita will manage all of your appointments, meetings and calls just like a personal assistant. If you already have a personal assistant, Cita can be the personal assistant to your personal assistant. You will never miss an appointment or show up late and look awkward. That quality alone would polish up your professional appearance so much. Punctuality is well valued in the industrial worlds because time is the most valuable resource there is

Online payment module will help you spend your time profitably. Especially if you are an hourly pro, this can help bigtime. Because some people try to meet up with you and check your rates and disappear into the thin air. With Cita, you can decide which time slot is going to be free and which is going to be paid. So the real clients can reserve your time and get your exclusive service. You earn the value of your time at the end of the day. 

So finally, what I have to say is that, making the decision to use Cita as your online scheduling platform will never make you regret it. You will only be proud of the fact that you could chose the right solution out of all the mal-functioning online scheduling platforms out there. 

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